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Moving can be a stressful and chaotic experience, and moving in the summertime heat can make this especially true. At Greater Austin Moving, our team at our Austin moving company is committed to making your move high-quality, full-service, stress-free while providing personalized service, even in scorching Austin summer temperatures! Check out four things you need to know before you make a move this summer, and check out our services to see how we can make your move greater!

1. Timing is everything

Choose the right time of day to make your move. Summer temperatures in Austin can regularly reach well over 90 degrees, and summer thunderstorms can make the time consuming task of moving even more challenging. It’s best to get the bulk of the move done before the heat of the day sets in, and checking the forecast for anticipated storms is also a good pre-move step to take.

2. Plan Ahead

Working smarter, and not harder, is key to making your summer move as painless as possible. Do as much packing as possible prior to moving day; keep only essentials that you use on a day-to-day basis around so when the day comes there is less packing to do. This will maximize your efforts in loading, moving, and unpacking so you can avoid heavy lifting when the sun is at its peak. Or, let our full service movers do the heavy lifting for you!

3. Drink it Up

Water, that is. Hydration is absolutely essential when exerting one’s self in any situation and especially when the mercury is running high. Don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink some water; try to plan in regular water breaks to ensure you are taking in enough fluids. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can be very serious and both are easy to avoid by drinking plenty of water; but try to avoid sugary or alcoholic drinks as these can act as diuretics and actually speed up dehydration.

4. Call The Pros!

Last but certainly not least, call the professionals! A trusted moving company can help relieve the moving headaches that come with doing it on your own. Full-service movers have the experience to complete a move expertly and quickly. There are many Austin moving companies to choose from, so take the time to consider which company is best suited for you move.

If you have decided to hire full-service movers, at Greater Austin Moving we offer competitive rates and unparalleled customer service. Not all Austin moving companies are created equal, but you will find the team at Greater Austin Moving are professional, courteous, and, best of all, local. Check out the services we offer, and call request a quote today!