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Full-Service Storage in Austin, TX

There are many reasons why you might want to utilize a full-service storage facility. Perhaps you’re in between homes, or maybe you’ve sold your house and you’re looking for somewhere to hold your belongings while you spend a year traveling the country in an RV.

Having a safe, secure, insured, GREATER full-service storage facility in Austin can be the difference between coming back to your worldly possessions intact or in complete disarray. At Greater Austin Moving, we offer unmatched full-service storage.

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    What is Full-Service Storage?

    Most people are familiar with the term ‘self storage,’ but what exactly is full-service storage? Simply put, full-service storage is when we do all the packing, heavy lifting, and storing for you. We even retrieve items directly from your vault when you need them!

    When Greater Austin Moving takes care of your full-service storage, it’s not just your belongings that are taken care of – it’s you, too! From sorting, packing, and labeling boxes to hauling them away and arranging them safely in a unit, moving your belongings to storage can be stressful and time-consuming. Let us lighten your load by providing you with a full-service vaulted storage experience.

    What to Expect From Greater Austin Moving Full-Service Storage

    You might know us as your friendly Austin moving company, providing moving services of the highest quality in town, and our full-service storage services are no different. We treat your belongings as if they are our own, going above and beyond to ensure your things remain safe and in the same condition you left them in.

    Here’s what you can expect when you use Greater Austin Moving for full-service storage:


    Climate controlled

    Our storage facility is climate controlled, creating a safe environment for your heat or cold-sensitive items.


    Fully insured

    Our storage facility is fully insured, protecting you in the event of a natural disaster or other damaging events.


    Excellent Security

    Even in a relatively safe city like Austin, full-service storage facilities need a good deal of security. We go above and beyond to ensure our storage is protected at all times.


    Impeccable customer service

    We pride ourselves in going above and beyond when serving our customers. We strive to be courteous, helpful, and all-around GREATER!


    Complete convenience

    no more having to dig through an entire storage unit to pull out your belongings! At Greater Austin Moving, we retrieve your items for you!

    Our goal is your peace of mind. We aim to meet your full-service storage needs and then some. Let us know how we can help!

    Why Greater Austin Moving?

    Greater Austin Moving company is a family-owned business in Austin, Texas specializing in changing the way you think about moving. From our go-green initiatives to our above and beyond customer service and exemplary full-service storage experience, Greater Austin Moving is the greatest moving and storage company you can find.

    “Excellent service and accountability are the foundation of our business.”

    Ready For a Stress-Free Move in Austin?

    So are we! Request a quote for your relocation, or give us a call at 512.766.MOVE to get started on your move. Get in touch today with the best Austin moving company to truly make your move GREATER!