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Packing can be very stressful, but if you declutter as you pack, you will have less to your new home. Decluttering is one of the most effective ways to keep moving day stress-free and makes the process of moving your things faster. It helps you focus on what matters most and reduces the feeling of being overwhelmed once you start moving. Although decluttering can be time-consuming, don’t fret! Here are 7 ways to declutter your home before moving that will help you easily navigate the process.

1. Start As Soon As You Can 

Whether you are going to move in a month, or two, it’s best to start decluttering as soon as you learn that you’re moving. Procrastinating is not a good strategy.  Packing at the last minute can be a nightmare, especially if you have a lot of stuff in your home. When you start decluttering early, this gives you more time for planning and sorting out your things.

 2. Create A System

A plan, or a system,  can make things more organized as you declutter. What will my decluttering plan look like? Create a checklist, schedule the time or days you’ll be available to work on it and start in one area or room in your home. Being organized during this process will eventually pay off!

 3. Know Where to Start

A part of planning is knowing where to begin your decluttering project. You’ll want to start with areas that have the most items. Let’s say the storage room, your bedroom, or the kid’s room. 

4. Donate or Sell

A part of decluttering before moving is deciding whether to donate or sell the items you plan to get rid of. Donate to a charity or sell anything that is in good condition. Selling can also help you make extra cash which can be used to offset the expense of moving.

5. Sort it Out

As you start decluttering each area in your home, prepare four boxes with the following labels: Throw, Keep, Donate, and Sell. Add each item to its designated box. Keep items that still serve their purpose. By the words of Marie Kondo, a pro-organizer that is well-known for her KonMari Method, if it sparks joy, keep it. Hold a yard sale or list your items online for the items in your Sell box. Donate items that aren’t worth selling but can still be used.  Discard items that are damaged or unusable. You may also choose to recycle the items you’ll be throwing away, such as appliances, in order to dispose of them properly.

6. Conduct the Practicality Test

Does this item still have significant value to you? Will you be able to use it? Is it worn out or damaged? Not sure what you’ll do with it? Ask these simple questions that will help you decide whether they’ll be donated, sold, kept, or thrown away. 

7. Let’s Go Digital

With today’s technology, almost everything can be done using your electronic devices. If you have paper items that have piled up over time, you can scan and keep these items electronically either on your computer, a USB stick or on your cloud storage.

Once you finish decluttering, it’s time to start packing and then transporting your items to your new home! If you’re going to relocate to Austin, it’s best to work with a local Austin moving company. Local movers are credible, reliable, and have expert knowledge of the area which will provide you with a smooth and hassle-free moving experience.