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Even under the most ideal circumstances, moving is often a difficult and stressful undertaking. Creating a plan or outline prior to getting started, packing for a move as early as possible, and knowing where to find professional movers who can provide more convenient solutions and greater value for their service can all make a considerable difference. The following tips on how to pack for a move offer valuable insight and guidance for those who may already be feeling overwhelmed by the moving process.

Lighten the load by getting rid of unwanted items

Getting rid of unwanted furniture, donating unwanted belongings, or selling possessions that are doing little more than getting in the way can help simplify the packing and moving process. Selling items online or holding a yard or garage sale can even provide a little extra income to help cover any unexpected moving costs. Not having to waste time, effort, or energy packing up unwanted items will allow you to more easily concentrate on ensuring that all remaining belongings can be more quickly, securely, and efficiently packed away before the move.

Staying organized throughout the packing process

There are numerous ways that packing for a move can be done with greater efficiency. Common methods to make sure items are boxed, packed, stored, and transported with greater ease often include:

Packing delicate items first

Boxing up fragile items and loose belongings first will reduce the risk that they may become lost or damaged during the move. Emptying drawers, securing delicate items and keeping loose items securely boxed and out of the way can provide the additional space needed to pack and move larger items more safely and easily.

Using the original box to pack electronic devices

Reusing the original box when packing electronics offers several advantages. Original inserts and form-fitted packing materials provide superior protection for delicate devices and reusing the original box reduces the risk of misplacing or losing components and equipment. Reusing the original packaging also ensures that electronic devices can be more clearly labeled and easily recognized.

Ensure everything is properly labeled

A mislabeled box can create many headaches both during the move and when it’s time to unpack. Issues such as misidentifying boxes that contain fragile or breakable items and making sure all boxes are properly handled and oriented throughout the move are concerns that should never be ignored. Effective labeling is especially important when it comes to packing for a move.

Calling the professionals

Professional movers can be a critical asset during any move. Attempting to move larger, bulky, or unwieldy items without proper assistance can increase the risk of damaged furnishings, broken items, and other moving mishaps. Greater Austin Moving has the expertise, resources, and the experienced team needed to make sure your next move can be completed as conveniently and easily as possible. Contact us today for a consultation!