Yelp Review

Drew J

"So to start off with i have never used a moving company before so i wasn't sure what to expect. Moving is obviously a stressful time and i have moved so many times in my life that i wanted to see if i could have movers do it instead. Because i am definitely not in the best shape or fit and didn't want to die of fatigue or exhaustion. So here is what i learned about movers.

First and foremost, this was a great company that made everything run smoothly, efficiently, safely and very fast. From the get go the administration was prompt, helpful and put everything at ease. Because basically movers are legal thieves that come into your home, take everything and then drive off. LOL, just kidding. But i was nervous about some of our stuff not being damaged or lost. Then the actual moving process was super fast and very awesome. Those two guys made everything great. I'm pretty ashamed (or jealous probably) that i cant lift a whole recliner by myself and move it. I normally have to break it down into parts then move it. Anyways this company was great from start to finish and was well worth the price tag. I highly recommended Greater Austin Moving. And if you need more details please keep reading about what i learned.

- Pricing - All the companies i put out bids to had 3 main concepts that are very standard. There is a set hourly rate, minimum hours required and you get 2 guys and a truck. The hourly rates range from $110 to $150 per hour and a minimum of 3 hours. I was thinking that is awesome i can definitely afford that since i am only moving down the street. But as i was looking over the quotes i saw a lot of unusual fees like; time of day, traffic, number of boxes, mileage and many other fees. Which made the bill almost double the hourly. Well crap, it looked like if i wanted to use movers i was going to get nickel and dimed. So i almost decided to just call it quits and risk giving myself a stroke or die of exhaustion. But then i got the bid from Greater Austin Moving. It was a super reasonable $120 for a minimum 3 hours for a total of $360. Some places were cheaper hourly but had fees. So the quote from Greater Austin Moving said that the only charge (fee) was the hourly and they provide all the safety equipment and mats and blankets. I didn't believe this at first so i actually inquired about other hidden fees or what not and they told me again that the only thing i will be charged for is hourly! Freaking sweet baby! Best thing about them, straightforward with pricing and i appreciate the fact they don't try to nickel and dime me. So for me the pricing was the best.

- Service - The service was great from the time of booking to the moment they were done moving everything. The lady that booked my appointment was extremely helpful and honest. She made sure everything was set and ready and put us at ease about moving. The day came for moving and we had our 8:30 appointment and we were ready. But the drivers got lost..... lol. This made me slightly nervous as i didn't know when timing started. But anyways, the 2 gentlemen arrived, looking like the men from Magic Mike, and i showed them around. At first the 2 guys seemed off but as a few minutes passed they were very friendly and helpful. They even thanked us for packing everything in the same size boxes. Well yeah duh, make it easier for the movers. Yeah its their job but come on people it helps them a lot, especially when trying to load a truck and secure everything. These guys came with all these great things to wrap up furniture, pack things and secure things. The best part was they did the whole job in exactly 2 hours. Bravo Superman and Batman with your big arms and legs. No seriously, each guy literally picked up recliners, tables, mattresses by themselves (not both at the same time, but one guy moved a recliner by himself). Put my skinny a$$ to shame, need to start eating my Wheaties. Another good thing about these guys was the made sure everything was where we wanted it before leaving. I felt super bad about not being about to help but these guys were running circles around me. Overall, the service was great.

- Tipping - THIS IS FOR ALL POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS. I didnt know if tipping was customary or not but tipping is customary. So if you know already then you can stop reading. It is a service and most services get tips. I didnt know that until a few days before my move when a fellow coworker told me about his move and that he tipped them. Whew, glad i had that conversation as i didnt know. I did some research (yes, i did research because im a nerd and want to make sure i tip correctly) and found out that it when tipping movers it is normally $10 per hour per mover. So 2 guys for 2 hours would have been $40, $20 for each. So please tip your movers. It was sad to hear them say that some people dont tip, especially during summer.

Overall, best decision i have made about moving. Go with Greater Austin Moving! "