Love Local.

Austin does an amazing job of giving support to its homegrown products and people. From the burgers and tacos at P. Terry’s and Torchy’s to the jewels of Kendra Scott and the tunes of Bob Schneider, we endorse things that start here. It’s great when I, along with other Austinites, can find that upstart product, project or voice that will soon be the talk of the town, then becoming the talk of Texas and – soon enough – the talk of the nation. It’s thrilling to watch these trends grow, and it makes me incredibly proud to be an early adopter and encourage people from this great city.

local austin movers

It’s not only a way to “live local,” or “shop local,” to lend our vocal and financial support to our neighbors and friends. For the people putting their heart and soul into what they do, right here in Austin, it means so much more than that. It is a way to “love local,” and the benefit of doing so in a town as trendsetting as Austin is that I stay on the crest of many coming waves.

Some ways that you can “love local,” this weekend, are:

1) Visit the Design Lab. Design Lab Austin ( collects and curates some of the best design trends from across the region, allowing shoppers to add the perfect local touch to a room or a wardrobe that is also a rare find or a unique piece. The designers sell directly to you through this outlet, making a lasting connection instead of just ringing up a sale.

2) Talk to Linda Asaf and follow her designs throughout the various fashion seasons in Texas ( As owner and founder of Design Lab, Linda, whose work has graced runways throughout the state, knows the importance of connecting with a customer and of keeping looks fresh and fashion-forward. Whether it is the perfect maxi dress or the most stunning bridal gown, Linda brings her expertise and one-of-a-kind local perspective to fashion.

local austin movers

3) Combine both tasks and visit Design Lab for their first anniversary tonight (Aug 14)! Enjoy a celebratory atmosphere while finding that next Austin-born trend and connecting with Linda and other local designers.

This weekend, don’t just “live local.” Love Local.