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Statistics show that moving is the third most stressful event in life, trailing behind the death of a loved one and divorce. Buying or moving into a new home or moving can be exciting, but it’s also very demanding.

The uncertainty of security at the new residence and all the things that you need to do can be stressful. But the right strategy with the help of the right Austin movers can help lessen the stress that comes with moving and allow for a smooth transition into your new home. Here are nine tips for reducing stress when moving.

1. Prepare to be stressed

This may sound counterintuitive, but staying ahead of the game by being aware of the stresses of the moving process can help prepare your body and mind for what’s to come.

2. Plan ahead and use checklists

Planning ahead can greatly reduce the amount of stress caused by moving. Plan ahead and prepare for any potential issues. Making plans in advance can significantly reduce stress. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’ve planned for almost every imaginable obstacle that you may face when moving.

Creating checklists is a key step in the planning process. Checklists will be your reference and guide whenever you feel overwhelmed. They will help you stay on top of things and keep everything organized. There are many templates online that can help you avoid missing any details.

Keep it simple by maintaining two checklists. Create a packing checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything. Also, make an overall moving checklist to help you remember to call the moving company, forward your mail, and update your new address.

3. Multitask by decluttering

Now is a great time to get rid of things that you don’t need or want. Pro tip: clean, cull and downsize before starting. If you have things that you’re thinking of keeping but that may not fit your new place, consider taking advantage of a full-service storage Austin company.

It’s also better to call and rent a dumpster at least a week in advance of the day you plan to do your decluttering. Follow online tips on how to declutter your home quickly and efficiently.

4. Label everything

Label everything to make unpacking easier! When you get to your new home, everything will go smoother if you know where every box goes. Labeling can reduce your stress and save you time in opening each box to look for things. Get a dependable label maker and label away!

5. Stay organized

Professional Austin movers suggest keeping a notepad or organizer and your checklist on hand at all times during the moving process. Write down your agenda, schedules, and any important information, such as contact numbers and addresses. Break down and schedule the tasks one by one. Make copies and hand them out to everyone involved. Taking these steps will greatly help you in organizing everyone so they’ll know what to do, where to go and whom to call. Avoid setbacks by making sure that everyone is organized and well informed.

6. Delegate tasks

Don’t feel the pressure to do it all yourself—sign other people to some tasks to improve the efficiency of packing and moving. Focus on one task at a time. If the kids are old enough, include them in the process. It’s also a good idea to hire a babysitter for younger children to minimize distractions. If you need to hire a babysitter, Greater Austin Moving, includes child care in our moving services!

7. Dress comfortably and keep tools nearby

Cleaning, packing, and moving can get messy and dirty, so dress accordingly by wearing comfortable clothes and shoes to lessen the stress.

Another great tip is to keep tools handy. You may have to disassemble furniture, take down nails or cut something, so make sure you have access to all the necessary tools. Equip your toolbox with everything you need, from packing tape to super glue. Carry a tool belt bag for handy storage as well. Keeping your tools organized.

8. Update your address and mailing list

Send an email to everyone who needs to know about your move and address change, such as mail, utilities, the DMV, and the IRS. Include the day of the move, your contact details, and your new address. Be sure to send those updates weeks before your move. By the time you’ve moved, everyone will already know about any changes they may need to make. As a result, all of your mail will be delivered to the right place from the start.

Remember to also update your utilities for your new home. Be sure to notify your energy, water, waste, and internet providers of your move-in date. Taking a hot shower or relaxing by the television after a long day of moving will make your first night in your new home much less stressful.

9. Hire a moving company: Greater Austin Moving!

A moving company, like Greater Austin Moving, can take a huge amount of stress off your back by doing all the physical work for you. A professional Austin moving company will not only do everything for you, but they can do it faster and more efficiently than you could on your own.

Professional movers have an easy and efficient way to streamline the moving process. Protect yourself from injuries caused by trying to move heavy boxes by leaving the literal heavy lifting to the professionals. Moving companies have the right vehicles and equipment as well as the personnel to fit your needs.

Although moving is stressful, it’s possible to lessen the emotional and physical burden. Most of us move at some point in our lives. With these tips, you can have a stress-free move when that time comes.