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You’ve made the decision to move. Congrats! Making the commitment to pack up and leave is often the hardest part about moving! Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that the rest of the process is exactly easy.

Unless you’ve decided to pair your move with a new commitment to extreme minimalism, you probably have a lot to pack up. Boxing up belongings usually feels equally parts daunting and tedious, especially when you realize just how full all of your kitchen drawers are.

Alright, so maybe you don’t need to pack everything (do you really need all four spatulas?), but there will still be plenty to fill your boxes.

While it will definitely be tempting to toss everything together with a pillow or two for cushioning, it’s essential to take a few extra steps to protect your belongings in a move.

Using these simple methods will keep your possessions safe for a move down the block or a long-distance move across the country.

1. Use the Correct Boxes

Using the correct size and type of moving boxes for each type of item you have is an easy way to make your move go much smoother. For instance, boxes should go in a small, sturdy box since they are quite heavy. For bulky, lightweight items such as stuffed animals and pillows, you can use a larger box.

2. You Can’t Use Too Much Tape

Don’t be afraid of using too much tape! Make sure that every box is secure; if a box comes un-taped while you are moving, it could damage or break items, and it is unsafe. Long-distance moving requires your boxes to be picked up and put back down many times. To avoid accidents, tape, tape, tape!

3. Pack Heavier Items at the Bottom

Packing heavier items at the bottom of boxes stabilizes them, making them safer to pick up. This also means that lighter items won’t get smashed beneath heavier items. It may seem like common sense, but in the excitement of moving day, it is an often overlooked step in the packing process. Full-service movers can also pack for you, so if you want, you can leave the packing to the professionals!

Don’t Leave Empty Space

When there is an empty space in a box, it means that the contents can shift around inside the box during your move. When contents shift, they can easily break! If you notice that you have too much empty space in a box, use towels, newspaper, bubble wrap, or other soft items like pillows to fill in the gaps.

4. If You Can’t Pack It, Wrap It

Many types of large furniture and electronics are simply too big for a box. If an item is too big to be packed, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be protected! Use moving blankets and wraps to protect your furniture and other bulky items. Mover’s wrap doesn’t just protect against scratches and tears in an item’s fabric, it can also protect against stains! For this reason, if you have fabric furniture make sure to wrap the whole item, not just the corners.

5. Call The Professionals

Calling in professional full-service movers takes the stress out of a long-distance move. You can be confident your items will be properly packed, protected, labeled, and arrive safely at their final destination. Usually, full-service movers even place each box and piece of furniture in the correct room upon arrival, and may be able to unpack for you! Just imagine being able to move without having to pack, unpack, or move anything heavy – what a luxury.

The Greater Austin Moving Difference!

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