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We all know that preparing for a move can be a long and tedious process. But what about the aftermath? What about the first night in your new home when you are surrounded by mountains of boxes and all you really need is a good night’s sleep? Planning ahead is key to ensuring that you can make your new house feel like a home as soon as possible. Here are a few tips to help you along the way!

1) Pack For A Staycation

Pack your favorite weekend bag before the move to ensure you have all of your essentials readily available for your first night. Toiletries and a fresh change of clothes will prevent you from spending the night digging through hundreds of boxes when you could be getting that much-needed shut-eye. Include a towel and roll of toilet paper in this bag as well. One bag per family member!

2) Prep The Kids!

No matter what age, everyone needs a job. Who is in charge of the tape? Who is in charge of snacks? If they are too young to carry something, then consider getting a trustworthy family member or friend to care for your little ones during all the hustle and bustle.

3) What About Your Furry Friends?

Make arrangements for your pets to get comfy somewhere else two days before your move and two days after your move. Call on your old neighbor who is sad to see them go.

4) What’s For Dinner & Lunch?

At this point in your move, it has probably been a solid 72 hours since you had a decent meal. Plan ahead and have lunch/dinner delivered or ready for pick up at your family’s favorite spot. Some great delivery services in the area include UberEats GrubHub & Favor! For those out-of-towners, make Torchy’s your first meal. Austin welcomes you!

5) H2O!

Plastic water bottles go against everything I believe during the other 364 days of the year, but grab a couple of cases of H2O & ensure the family is well-hydrated at all times. Throw a case in each car & grab an extra case for your new refrigerator.

6) Clean! Clean! Clean!

Pack a few cleaning supplies in your car – paper towels, sanitizer wipes, soap, a candle, etc. Wiping down surfaces before unpacking each space and a fresh scented candle will make you feel at home instantly.

7) Designate a Staging Area

Set up an area for staging decorative items, this will allow you to “shop“ items that you already have as you put the finishing touches on each room. This should be a space that is not essential to making your home immediately livable. How about that guest room? We all know it will be a while before you host family members or wine night.

8) Keep Things Tidy!

This one may make you laugh, but channel your inner Marie Kondo, take a shot of espresso and let your OCD lead the way. Break down boxes as you go and make the garage space for things that need to exit the home! & remember – recycle, recycle, recycle!

9) Tackle The Kitchen

Back to everyone’s favorite topic of food… you will need this space to be functional before everything else. Consider packing a box or two of essential kitchen items in your car or somewhere easily accessible.

10) Ask For Help! 

You can’t do it all alone and you aren’t expected to. Call on a trusted friend or reach out to OUR friends at 2B Organized of Austin to assist you in organizing your home after our wonderful movers have done the heavy lifting.